How has Al Qaeda changed in two years since Bin Laden raid?

— forget the headlines two years ago this week.
This ends — Fox News alert bin Laden.
Dad made the game it.
Then one shot.
Don’t — inside Pakistan can.
— — — — — — Experience.
— since that day of celebration.
And justice for the 9/11 for those who lost their lives — 9/11 has al-Qaeda change so they still around Seth Jones would now he’s the former senior advisor to US special operations command.
And author of the new book out now hunting in the shadows the pursuit of al-Qaeda since 9/11 — what is the state of — I did today as you see it.

Well I think unlike what some of the administration have argued I think al-Qaeda has for surge in North Africa where they’ve killed the US ambassador.

In Libya they killed US civilians in Algeria’s part of that you know — — attack.

And we see them incredibly well armed and Syria right now and the US is leaving from Afghanistan so I think this is definitely a state of play right now.

In your book you talk about ways in — waves maybe the first big — being 98 with the embassy bombings and then we respond then we come back 9/11 — — respond.

And now the latest is a a — — a wave situation because the — wave was the drone strikes taking out.

Thirteen of their — — — I think right now what we’ve seen is the collapse of regimes in North Africa.And the Le font especially Syria has allowed al-Qaeda back in and some of its allies back into these areas — — — — fourth way we’re seeing right now.

And the front especially Syria has allowed al-Qaeda back in and some of its allies back into these areas — — — — fourth way we’re seeing right now is an increase in Sunni — — isn’t it again in North Africa and then in in Syria in in particular.

So you have Molly Yemen Libya Nigeria portions of that now in Iraq is some concern today Ryan Crocker right.
How are rock is teetering again — — were out of there so what does it mean for us — Seth Jones what does it mean for the overall fight.

And how shall we approach it.

While I think one challenge is the administration’s been trying to push to China right now is the dominant threat to the US I think as we’re seeing in places like North Africa and the broader Middle East. We cannot leave this area we need to continue to deploy CIA.

Special operations forces and others to deal with terrorists in these areas that are killing Americans and killing American ambassador’s view how do you feel about our response to — Ghazi.
Our response to the way we left Iraq.

The way we’re leaving Afghanistan would message are we sending al-Qaeda.
— think the message is very clear the message that they push out on their Internet sites is twofold one is that when you push the Americans they leave.

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