Best Marketing Advice Ever: Use Social Media to go to Your Customers

Some of the best advice ever for marketers and business owners is to use social media to go to your customers – don’t expect them to come to you.

Why do we as marketers spend so much money trying to get our customers to us? Yes, certainly there are core programs, lead generation, direct marketing, sales collateral, public relations and Websites that we have to maintain, and in-person shows may be integral to your business, but frankly social media has changed the way the world works. We can now target customers and prospects where they already spend a bulk of their time — on Facebook.

There are over 1 billion Facebook users and about 180 million LinkedIn users. Ninety percent of adults have an active Facebook

Facebook TouchGraph
Facebook TouchGraph (Photo credit: jurvetson)

account. How many of these people are your customers and prospects? A lot. The fact is, we as marketers have never had these types of channels before to reach our target audiences, and amazingly, when done correctly, simple social solutions can be the most cost effective way to communicate with your audiences directly.

Social media accounts for 18 percent of people’s time online and studies have found that many people start and end their day surfing Facebook. The average Facebook user spends almost 7 hours hours a month on the site. How much time do you think they spend a month on your site, or reading your emails? They probably don’t spend 7 hours in 12 months, let a lone one month! Why fight that battle, when you can win the war? Be smart – go to them, don’t expect your customers to come to you.

eXprtMedia can help you find your customers on Facebook and other social channels, turning these into viable, cost-effective marketing platforms.

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