Automated Online Banking Fraud Attacks from the Cloud: Expert Paul Henninger Details the Threat

Paul Henninger, an anti-fraud expert, discusses the growing sophistication of scripted online banking attacks. The level of technical expertise and automation has never been greater, yielding higher fraud success rates and more selective, targeted attacks. He details a recent set of cloud-based scripted attacks, what technology fraudsters are using, who they targeted and how banks […]

How Emerging-Market Companies Should Expand

, Harvard Business School professor, uses Bharti Airtel to explain how companies from emerging markets can reach a global consumer base. Related articles Bharti Airtel Partners with Sproxil to Fight Drug Counterfeiting in Africa Emerging-Market Stocks Retreat Most in 3 Weeks as Exporters Drop – Bloomberg Lenovo Realigns Structure to Focus on Emerging and Mature […]

Jerry Fisher, “Bubbie’s Strudel”

One of the funniest YouTube Channels ever – Old Jews Telling Jokes.  You should check it out, even when it isn’t “National Tell and Old Joke Day” (July 24).  Video is of Rabbi Fisher. Related articles ‘Old Jews Telling Jokes’ is a thing of oy forever( Former NYT Ombud Goes To Broadway(

Research: Improving Workplace Performance with Semantic & Natural Language Technology

This research suggests US organizations could save more than $800 million a day with Siri-like solutions for business applications. EasyAsk commisioned research to explore information access and workplace performance, and how it could be improved with the addition of intuitive, natural language & semantic technology solutions. Key Findings Include: • In the U.S. workforce with […]