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30 of Marilyn Monroe’s Smartest and Most Insightful Quotes

She embodied the stereotypical persona of the “dumb blonde,” but Marilyn Monroe was no dummy. Today is the actress’ birthday. Most people remember Marilyn as the bombshell with the bedroom eyes, but later stories and personal documents revealed a complex woman who was intellectually curious, poetic, bright, and yes, sometimes sad and deeply emotional. As Monroe’s best friend and former roommate Shelley Winters put it: “If she’d been dumber, she’d have been happier.” We could talk about Monroe’s genuine love for books (she tended to a large personal library), her impressive IQ (reportedly 168), or we could cite those close to her who confirmed that her ” Monroeisms ” were no studio invention, but instead we’ll let her words speak for themselves. Head past the break to enjoy a collection of quotes from the pop culture icon that proves there was more to the woman behind the dazzling and seductive Hollywood facade.

“The ‘public’ scares me, but people I trust.”
“Here is [James] Joyce writing what a woman thinks to herself. Can he, does he really know her innermost thoughts? But after I read the whole book, I could better understand that Joyce is an artist who could penetrate the souls of people, male or female. It really doesn’t matter that Joyce doesn’t have… or never felt a menstrual cramp. To me Leopold Bloom is a central character. He is the despised Irish Jew, married to an Irish Catholic woman. It is through them Joyce develops much of what he wants to say.”
“I have always been deeply terrified to really be someone’s wife since I know from life one cannot love another, ever, really.”
“When you’re famous you kind of run into human nature in a raw kind of way. It stirs up envy, fame does. People you run into feel that, well, who is she who does she think she is, Marilyn Monroe? They feel fame gives them some kind of privilege to walk up to you and say anything to you, you know, of any kind of nature and it won’t hurt your feelings. Like it’s happening to your clothing. One time here I am looking for a home to buy and I stopped at this place. A man came out and was very pleasant and cheerful, and said, ‘Oh, just a moment, I want my wife to meet you.’ Well, she came out and said, “Will you please get off the premises?” You’re always running into people’s unconscious.”
“I don’t understand why people aren’t a little more generous with each other.”

She embodied the stereotypical persona of the “dumb blonde,” but Marilyn Monroe was no dummy. Today is the actress’ birthday. Most people remember Marilyn as the bombshell with the bedroom eyes, but later stories and personal documents revealed a complex woman who was intellectually curious, poetic, bright, and yes, sometimes sad and deeply emotional. As Monroe’s best friend and former roommate Shelley Winters put it: “If she’d been dumber, she’d have been happier.” We could talk about Monroe’s genuine love for books (she tended to a large personal library), her impressive IQ (reportedly 168), or we could cite those close to her who confirmed that her “Monroeisms” were no studio invention, but instead we’ll let her words speak for themselves. Head past the break to enjoy a collection of quotes from the pop culture icon that proves there was more to the woman behind the dazzling and seductive Hollywood facade.

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Insights from the Book Creative You by Author David B. Goldstein

eXprtViews sat down with author David Goldstein to talk about his new book: Creative You. He and psychology expert and co-author Otto Kroeger outline how to tap into your creative potential based on your individual personality type.

In today’s complex global environment, creativity is essential to staying competitive in the job market. By focusing on the sixteen Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator categories, this book teaches you to identify your optimum learning style, generate new ideas, apply creative solutions to everyday problems, collaborate effectively, communicate your ideas clearly to others, and become more confident in your own creativity. With interactive elements and pages to keep track of your progress, Creative You provides all the tools and advice you need to succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to enhance an already developed skill, Creative You will put you on the road to success.

To order your copy today, go to and search for “Creative You” or click here – .

Victoria’s Secret reveals its ‘What is sexy’ list: Which star’s got the sexiest feature?

Jennifer Lawrence 660 Reuters 1.JPG

Jennifer Lawrence arrives at the 85th annual Academy Awards. (Reuters)

Jennifer Lawrence 660 Reuters.JPG

Jennifer Lawrence poses on arrival at the 2013 Critics’ Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California January 10, 2013. (REUTERS)

Victoria’s Secret sure knows how to pick ’em. Every year, the ultra-popular lingerie company reveals its “What Is Sexy” list — filled with a tally of celebrities who have awe-inspiring features like flawless hair, full lips and, yes, even a rockin’ sense of humor. It’s safe to say 2013 is no different.

Who’s got the best smile? That nod went to Zoe Saldana this year, whose infectious, wide smile can’t be overlooked. Blake Lively and her long stems secured the “sexiest legs” category and it looks like Amanda Seyfried’s silky smooth hair is something to fawn over.

SODAHEAD SLIDESHOW: See the stars with the sexiest features.

As for bodies, Columbian singer and “Voice” coach Shakira was victorious in the “sexiest curves” category and Barbadian beauty Rihanna landed the “sexiest bikini body” with her toned physique.

But it’s not all physical features that Victoria’s Secret aims to praise. Jennifer Lawrence landed on the list this year, having the “sexiest sense of humor.” Who can deny her that? From her clumsy trips while accepting awards to her overall self-deprecating style, the “Silver Linings Playbook” star is practically the best friend America has always wanted.

From Amanda Seyfried and her flawless hair to Jennifer Lawrence and her hilarious sense of humor, we want to know which star you think has the absolute sexiest feature.

PHOTOS: See the latest celebrity pictures to hit the Internet.

Which celeb has the sexiest feature?

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Mark Hamill’s ‘Jedi jeans’ fail to sell in online auction

Levi's jeans worn by Mark Hamill in 'Star Wars'A pair of Levi’s jeans worn by Mark Hamill in the 1977 film “Star Wars” failed to make the reserve price at a recent online auction and so did not sell. The Nate D. Sanders auction house had hoped they’d fetch as much as $100,000. (Nate D. Sanders)
By Adam TschornMay 28, 2013, 3:05 p.m.

Apparently the market force was not with them: A pair of Levi’s jeans worn by Mark Hamill in the 1977 sci-fi film “Star Wars” failed to meet the reserve price in an online auction that ended last week.

Nate D. Sanders, the auction house that put the trousers from Tatooine up for bid, had hoped they would fetch somewhere between $70,000 and $100,000.

According to the lot detail page for the Jedi jeans, which had a minimum starting bid of $2,500, 13 bids were placed before the 5 p.m. PDT deadline on May 21 and no final bid amount is listed.

An auction house representative explained to us, via email, that the Hamill pants didn’t sell because they had failed to meet the reserve price, adding: “so, they’re still available.”

The folks at Nate D. Sanders wouldn’t share what the reserve price was but confirmed that the highest (non-winning) bid submitted before the auction ended was $36,100.

We aren’t sure why Luke’s Levi’s failed to attract bigger bids — it’s not like the collectors of Hollywood memorabilia don’t have money to spend. Case in point: The same day the Hamill pants failed to escape reserve-price orbit, a screen-worn Dancing Bear suit from the “Captain Kangaroo” TV series attracted 38 bids and sold for a whopping $207,019.

Which makes us think maybe it’s time a certain Wookiee considers putting his wardrobe on the auction block.


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Enjoyed feat. Femme – Dreamboat Lover (Humour Me): New music

Enjoyed serves up a summery slice of disco-tinged wonder, which should ease you into the weekend nicely

Chances are that in the wake of Daft Punk’s success with Get Lucky (the UK’s biggest-selling single of 2013 so far), there will probably be quite a few dance songs edging closer to the glitterball in the coming weeks and months. While the work of Enjoyed – aka Hampshire’s Peter Evans Pritchard – doesn’t quite ape the Chic back catalogue in quite the same way, there’s a definite hint of the 70s dancefloor on his glorious new single, Dreamboat Lover (Humour Me), premiered here. Opening with a big fuzzed-up bassline, a low-slung feel that’s ripe for some shimmying, and a smattering of funk guitar, it simultaneously manages to reference the past as well as keep an eye firmly fixed on what’s happening at the moment. It also helps that the guest vocalist, Femme (aka Laura Bettinson, best known as the voice of Nigel Godrich’s Ultraista project), gives the song a delicious sense of sassiness with an effortlessness that’s hard to fault. Apparently Enjoyed’s forthcoming EP, featuring this single, aims to evoke “a late night sunlight, shoes-off dance-off; the comfort-in-colour soundtrack to your night out and your journey home”, which seems to have been sewn up with just this one song to be honest.Dreamboat Lover (Humour Me) is out on 17 June on Something In Construction.

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Brits, Colombians Top List of Sexiest Nationalities

May 13, 2013 1:28pm
gty sofia vergara thg 130513 wblog Brits, Colombians Top List of Sexiest Nationalities                                                                            (Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Call it the Sofia Vergara effect. Colombian women top the list of the world’s sexiest nationalities, according to a new survey, with one in four U.S. men claiming it as the favorite country when it comes to the ladies.

The unscientific, online survey of 44,000 single Americans  conducted by travel dating website found U.S. women don’t share the penchant for Latin culture. British men came out on top of the list of the world’s sexiest, with one in five U.S. women claiming them as the top pick.

Sexiest Nationalities for Women: (based on preferences of 13,259 U.S. Men)

1. Colombian
2. Brazilian
3. American
4. Spanish
5. Russian
6. Dutch
7. French
8. Bulgarian
9. Swedish
10. Italian

Sexiest Nationalities for Men: (based on preferences of 30,741 U.S. women)

1. British
2. Irish
3. Brazilian
4. Swedish
5. American
6. Spanish
7. Scottish
8. French
9. Greek
10. Puerto Rican

The nationality poll also asked men and women to rank which features determined attractiveness when dating abroad, with 34 percent of men ranking “body type” above all other qualities and 47 percent of women ranking “accent” as the top quality. Other qualities included culture, style and physical appearance.

Both sexes rated “physical appearance” as the third most important quality to determine attractiveness.

“Considering Americans didn’t top either list, one could to deduce that the melting pot doesn’t provide enough variety as we crave,” Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of, said. “It’s like eating bread all your life, and then one day someone slips you a piece of cake, and then you discover a whole new world of baked goods that you didn’t even know existed.”

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Is political correctness ruining America?

Plus back every one of memorable roles and everything from diehard to the Sunnis the bond movie license to kill Robert — Is — of Hollywood‘s most recognizable faces any isn’t afraid to speak his own mind particularly about how political correctness he believes is affecting America.
— actor joins us today good morning good morning good morning so what did you tweaked.
— something it was right after the the interrogation stopped.
An announcement in Boston interrogation stuff in Boston and I started to think about when I was a kid growing up.
How political correctness.
And it was it was now wasn’t — wasn’t any.
You know I mean no shelter no — the rat pack those guys could make fun of each other the racial slurs everything else everybody left that if they have a good time doing it.
And nowadays political I’ve — that political correctness is a lose lose situation on — it’s — freedom of speech it’s could it’s absolutely.
Crushing on freedom of ideas and speech which is — controlling society and you have to watch and I’m even aware of it.
I have to watch what I say because I’m in Hollywood in the placing the wrong thing I’ll be ostracized by a certain.
You — work and you won’t work that you won’t do this.
They’ve made it’s continually do this that continued.
Brings down you know mentally but even this — baby thing so this morning — thing.
Look at my parents wanted me to excel there’s nothing wrong with excelling and Iraq.
There’s nothing wrong we making you be the best you can that’s amazing that’s become a negative it’s become a negative so continually we have this.
— The collapse of our ability to have our own freedom of speech and expression you just miss the old days when when — there wasn’t a PC that there is no by Imus well look at this some sensitive things in terms of the bullying aspect — — and then having five kids.
And having to worry about the bullying aspect of certain.
Buzzwords that may be kids might be affected by it but what — imperative I think in — society and we have to fight against that.
It’s what happened in Soviet in in Russia in 1914.
They were on the verge of the biggest economic boom and the sought.
Communism — control the speech control the society.
And the collapse economically and then you had what you had for years until now.
They have a whole different economic boom that’s happening — enjoyable — fell into the NHL the Jefferson’s NHL down people who want to run — and — I mean.
You you able to have fun with each other and not now all of us in this political correctness even with the — in the feminist movement than — — those buzzwords for big — this into corner.
Where there is a say — antagonism.

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‘My GPS Made Me Do It’: Top Excuses When Getting Pulled Over

by Molly McCluskey   May 1st 2013 2:30PM

Updated May 1st 2013 2:34PM
Speeding ticket

“My GPS told me to do it.” That’s one of the top excuses offered by drivers who get pulled over for a moving violation, according to a new study. Other favorites: I’m lost; I spilled a hot drink in my lap; I’m on my way to an emergency.

According to the survey by, which polled 500 drivers over the age of 18, women are more likely to plead ignorance, such as being lost (65 percent) or unknowingly having broken equipment. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to claim an emergency situation (67 percent) or that everyone else was doing it, so what’s the harm? Men also accounted for a whopping 82 percent of the respondents who blamed the voice in the dash.

The overall most-cited excuse by everyone: “I couldn’t see the sign telling me not to do it,” followed closely by “I’m lost and unfamiliar with the roads.”

“By now, police officers can probably finish people’s sentences,” said Michelle Megna, managing editor of “I wonder if they wouldn’t appreciate a little dog-ate-my-homework creativity.”

What’s That Gonna Cost?

If you do get pulled over, the first thing you’re likely to worry about is the effect of a moving violation on your car insurance premium.’s Uh-Oh! Calculator offers an estimate of possible insurance hikes following a minor traffic infraction.

But not to worry: A study by competitor (a Bankrate company) found in February that most drivers won’t pay additional premiums as a result of a minor moving violation. That study found that only 31 percent of Americans who received a traffic ticket in the past five years had a rate increase as a result, and those who did have an increase paid less than $100 more a year. Younger drivers were more likely to have a premium increase as a result of a ticket; repeat offenders and drivers with serious violations like driving under the influence or leaving the scene of an accident, almost always saw higher premiums.

What to Do If You’re Pulled Over

Regardless of the reason, drivers who see flashing lights in the rearview mirror should throw on their turn signal and pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so. Don’t make any calls (even with a headset) and keep hands in sight on the top of the steering wheel. Wait to reach into the glove box for an insurance card until asked by the officer.

Exercise caution, particularly if the car that’s pulling you over is unmarked. On several occasions in the past few months in the U.S. and Canada, young women have reported being pulled over by police impersonators.

Police in Pennsylvania offer this tip: “If you are being signaled to stop by an unmarked vehicle that you believe may not be a police vehicle you may continue to drive at a slow speed to a safe, well-lit, populated area before pulling over. You may call 911 and advise them that you are being stopped by a vehicle that you believe may not be a police vehicle and the dispatcher may advise the officer of the reason that you are not stopping. Once you have stopped for an officer in an unmarked car, you may request that a marked police unit respond, as well, to confirm that the unmarked police vehicle is legitimate.”

But if you’re pulled over by a legitimate officer for an actual driving violation, excuses will do you less good than simply admitting the violation. “In the end, the excuses don’t matter. Your driving record doesn’t have asterisks and footnotes,” says Megna.

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The Simple Guide to Discovering Your Learning Style


People don’t all look identical. We don’t all have the same taste in music, fashion, food or books. If you’ve ever had a conversation about religion or politics or spoken to a member of the opposite sex, you know that we don’t all think alike.

So why assume that individual learning is all the same way? It isn’t.

In the past, the same learning methods were applied to everyone under the concept that one size fits all. The problem is that it doesn’t. We all have our own individual learning styles that make learning easier and more effective.

If you really want to become an expert, you need to know your learning style.

This short guide can help you discover your learning style and take advantage of it.


Take a quiz to find out what your learning style is. A variety of self-administered quizzes are available, and a short, 24-question quiz takes less than five minutes to complete. The results are instant, and they will likely include a mixture of most or all of the different learning styles.


These are descriptions of the different style patterns and how you can make use of them.

  • Visual-spatial: You like to see things drawn out, just like architects and artists do. Diagrams and pictures are your trustworthy guides for learning and remembering.
  • Aural-auditory: Listen to everything, and you’ll probably remember it. Record lectures on MP3 and listen throughout the day.
  • Verbal-linguistic: You are a talker and listener. Put everything in words and you’ll be fine. Read, write and tell stories.
  • Physical-bodily-linguistic: You like to move, just like athletes, surgeons and orchestra conductors. Try studying while walking or doing another rhythmic motion, such as cycling on a stationary bike.
  • Logical-mathematical: It must make sense. Work out your problems as though they are formulas and they adhere to scientific principles. Make a step-by-step outline.
  • Social-interpersonal: You’re a people-person. Form a study group, be a tutor, lead group mini-sessions and talk about your assignments. Exchange feedback with people in person or online.
  • Solitary-intrapersonal: You are a high-achiever and you hold yourself to high standards. Achieve your goals by studying in a comfortable, quiet place, monitoring your own progress toward your goals and learning by connecting new information to old knowledge.
  • Naturalistic: You like nature and the outdoors. Choose animals, plant or geographical topics for your assignments whenever possible. To become engaged and remember facts better, try to imagine your subject matter as ecosystems or organisms in their environments.


New doors may open once you know your learning style and how to apply it. Going back to school may be daunting if grade school was a struggle for you or you work full-time, but online programs may be viable options.

You can attend virtual classes and complete assignments from remote locations on your own schedule, and you can modify the course to complement your own learning style. (Websites such as Lynda and TeamTreehouse are two of the best.) You’ll learn information faster and retain it better than before so you won’t feel frustrated with slow progress.

The old approach to learning was to throw everyone in a classroom with the same books, a standard lesson plan and rigid approaches to answering questions. Now, people are recognizing the importance of differential instruction to maximize individual styles of education. With facilitated learning, work skills and online courses are easier to master so you can become a true expert.

Matt Herndon is a freelance writer living and working in the Indianapolis area. His undergraduate and graduate work was done in Upper East Tennessee where he studied communication and institutional leadership. Follow him on Twitter here. He writes on behalf of Colorado Technical University.


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Learn Anything Faster with the Feynman Technique

by Corbett Barr on April 13, 2012

After recording Wednesday’s Expert Enough show with Scott H. Young, I spent some time over on his YouTube channels (he has one for his blog and a separate one for the MIT Challenge we discussed in the episode).

This particular gem below really stood out.

The Feynman Technique (named after the Nobel prize winning physicist) is an incredibly simple and effective way to learn new things quickly that involves explaining everything you already know on a topic to identify holes in your knowledge.

I realized this technique is very similar to the process of writing a blog post on something you’re trying to teach your audience about.

A blog post often starts by writing down everything you know on the subject. Along the way you usually identify some gaps in what you know and what you need to teach. By filling those gaps, teaching the subject actually helps you learn it better.

Have you tried this technique before? If not, take 15 minutes today and give it a try. Share your results in the comments below.

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