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Why is Facebook important to your business?

Facebook is by far the most popular and highly used social media channel today. Ninety percent of adults have active Facebook

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accounts. People use it more than any other site and spend a lot of time each day sharing content, reviewing posts and contributing to conversations. Facebook is a $100 billion company that knows everything about its users. As a business, you can tap into their knowledge to attract extremely qualified and inexpensive followers — your primary customers and prospects.

Once you attract the right followers, you then have a direct communication channel to the audience that can most positively affect your business. And while any one of your posts or promotions may only be read by 20 percent of your followers at any given time, with the right campaigns you can capture direct contact information to build your own lists that can be emailed directly — for promotional and other purposes. Also, with the right content, you have the ability to go viral — reaching not only your direct audience, but each of your follower’s followers as well.

Facebook is a constant, 24 hour a day, seven day a week conversation. To do it right, you have to be there to answer questions and participate in those conversations in a timely manner. You will gather valuable insight into how your customers perceive your brand, and often they will offer suggestions on how you can improve your business. But you’ve got to be an active participant to really benefit from this communication channel.

Targeting ads also takes a daily effort to tune and produce the best results. It’s not easy to do alone. There are many variables that affect results — from the type of content to share and the limitless ad options to hone in on the right audiences — the ones most important to you and your business.

At eXprtMedia, we have experts with years of experience managing all types of accounts and enterprise-class tools to run your ad campaigns and moderate your conversations. We have a dedicated and qualified staff that will watch your site and respond quickly to conversations. We also have dozens of proven models that can be applied to your business today, reducing your overall ad spend to attract the right followers quickly. We can also create custom pages to capture follower information and offer this 24/7 monitoring and moderation at extremely reasonable rates.

Facebook is probably the most important marketing platform for your business today. With expert assistance, you can use it as a primary communication platform to converse directly with your customers and prospects. It can also be leveraged to drive followers to any other social channel that is important to you, like TwitterYelpPinterest and more.

Contact us today to see how we can help – or Tweet us at hashtag #SimpleSocial.

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