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Eternal Disgrace: US Politicians Display Gross Ignorance

The blunders of U.S. politicians have inspired jokes and parodies for decades. With the Presidential election campaign heating up, there’s a whole new supply of ammunition. But as Marina Portnaya reports, some believe the comments are displays of ignorance and disregard for world affairs … and no laughing matter.

Podcast with Vicky Oliver – Bad Bosses, Crazy Co-Workers & Other Office Idiots

Do you have the Boss From Hell? Is he/she an Insatiable Narcissist? Is one of your coworkers a Veteran Hack or Spineless Sycophant? If so, this podcast is for you.

Vicky Oliver wrote the book “Bad Bosses, Crazy Coworkers & Other Office Idiots: 201 Smart Ways to Handle the Toughest People Issues.” And in doing so, she provided employees everywhere with a reference guide for horrible bosses, exasperating coworkers and just about every office issue in existence. She identifies problems, gives solutions and helps you figure out how to save yourself some anxiety in the workplace.

So instead of tearing your hair out, listen to the advice Vicky doles out in this podcast and save yourself some aggravation.

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Michael Lazerow: A New Beginning – Is Fear Holding You Back?

Yesterday, Kass and I signed a deal to sell Buddy Media to Right after, I sat down and recorded a personal video. It’s raw and emotional and captured the feelings I had after signing. I thought about not sharing it as it is so personal. But that wouldn’t be very social-media like of me. I figure I’ve been sharing what I’ve been eating, doing, seeing and more for hte better part of 5 years. So why stop now?

P.S. You can read more about the deal here:

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